Stop hosting Pity Parties!
Visualize To win it you have got to see yourself in it. At least twice a day, imagine yourself living your dream. Be creative during your "dream sessions" and allow yourself to design the life you dream about. Everybody wants to be a Rockstar.
Stay in the moment Control your thoughts. Train yourself to find thoughts that make you feel good. Discipline yourself to think about what is going on in this moment. Thinking about what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow causes you to squander the power you have in this moment.
Gratitude Find something to be thankful for. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude will change your vibration and cause you to draw more into your life to be grateful for. If nothing else, be grateful for waking up this morning. If you are reading this, you have something to brag about.
Plan to Succeed You have heard it before. Failing to plan is planning to fail, so right now make a list of your goals for today. Then follow this list with action items to ensure you achieve your goals.

Stephanie E. Wilson-Coleman


When failure is not an Option!”


The Champagne Connection, founded by Stephanie E. Wilson-Coleman builds bridges through workshops and seminars to help others transform their lives to overcome adversity, obstacles and addictions, so ALL may  live their dreams and manifest their greatness.


We firmly believe that EVERY individual is empowered to transcend chaos and turmoil.


We believe true inspiration and SUCCESS is born in the individuals power of thought, feelings and actions.

We are committed to helping others overcome life’s toughest challenges.

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danitest “ Stephanie Wilson-Coleman's workshops and counseling are phenomenal. I have personally witnessed her effectiveness in helping others move to the next level in their lives. Her techniques are unique in that they combine traditional, spiritual and new-age components that help everyone conquer the residue left by life's traumatic experiences.”- Dani P., Chicago, IL
anitatest“ I could not keep the excitement inside of me down! I have followed Stephanie for four years now. She talked about Forgiveness and Anger...all the words spoken to me were like dynamite. She is the motivation in my life. Even though, I can feel her pain, it's like my pain in a different story! The Anger Tools really helped me deal with a lot in my life. I can just work thorough it one day at a time.I really love her. ” - Delfene, Chicago, IL
delfenetest“ It was my task to bring this international edifice back to life and your tireless encouragement, targeted and insightful workshops, books and so sunny spirit gave me the impetus to dream and the courage to realize what we have been able to accomplish in these last four years.” - Anita D., Chicago, IL
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