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People who’ve faced a myriad of societal challenges—addiction, financial despair, lack of self-esteem—have turned to Stephanie E. Wilson-Coleman for advice on redirecting and revitalizing their lives. Becoming a mother at 15, experiencing sexual abuse and molestation, Stephanie courageously overcame those traumatic experiences to achieve academic and professional success.Stephanie brings awe-inspiring messages as a motivational speaker, author, TV host and life coach to people throughout the nation. The foundation for Stephanie’s life-changing communication style and substance was built, in part, from exemplary educational achievement. She earned a MBA from the University of Chicago, and has studied finance in Singapore and Barcelona, Spain.

Her energetic, compassionate and riveting speeches, workshops and presentations uplift the quality of life for hordes of people. Through The Champagne Connection, Stephanie helps people to rekindle their dreams and manifest their destiny. The organization offers workshops and seminars designed to create workplaces that inspire employees and managers, boost performance, manage conflict and develop leaders.

Professionally, Stephanie is a director of financial management for a governmental agency, and vice president of finance and administration for Coleman Development Corp.

Known as “Empowerment Doctor,” Stephanie has also authored the highly popular books:”Be Sure You Dance, life’s lessons to make every moment count”,
“Is Anybody Listening: A Journey to Wholeness” and “Embracing Life’s Lessons: Journey to Inner Peace and Tranquility.”